Kirsten Chunky Alpaca Throw Blanket Knit Kit

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The Kirsten Chunky Alpaca Throw blanket knit kit

A wonderful big cuddly throw blanket to snuggle your evenings away in.  Easy knitting and a gorgeous result…

This is a great blanket for those who enjoy an easy knit and want some quick results, the chunky yarn knits up super fast. The pattern is a little twist on the basic stitches, and gives the blanket an extra squishy element.

This pattern is suitable for developing beginners, as it only requires cast on / off and knit and purl stitches. You’ll love how fast this project grows, enjoy!

Featured colourway is called Neutrals

Kit Includes:

8 hanks of Indiecita Baby Chunky Chaine
15mm Knit pro Symphonie interchangeable needles with 100cm cable

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The Kirsten Chunky Alpaca Throw Blanket Knit Kit…

Sometimes we all we need is a big squishy warm cosy blanket to relax under. Maybe we had a hard day, maybe we need to slow down and relax. Maybe we just need the soothing presence of soft fibres and gentle warmth.

I designed this pattern thinking of my very talented and dear friend Kirsten. She is a wonderful mother, teacher, wife and friend. Pure gold really. I know she has some tiring days, and I know she likes to curl quietly on her couch and enjoy a cheeky wine. This is the perfect cosy blanket for her to enjoy her rest and restore time under. Wishing I could be with her to chat, but at least I know this blanket will be just like the cuddle of a good friend.

Knit in Alpaca Yarns Chunky Chaine Baby Alpaca, such a divine yarn made with in love in Peru. Words fail to describe just how soft and wonderful this yarn is, and how incredible the finished product is. This is really a happy happy place and those with sensitive skin can rejoice in the soft squishy warm comfort.

This pattern was developed as an original pattern by Michelle Stewart.




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